the future for Court House Farm

Time passes quickly, and we’re already a couple of years into the restoration and bringing-back-to-life of this very special place called Court House Farm.

Anyone would fall in love with the romance - its history and fortitude is staggering, really. That it has survived this long and is still so intact is amazing, and its position right in the middle of a small town nestling under the protective wing of Saint Peter's Church and Conservation area is just perfect. 

We care deeply for this unique site so, naturally, we want to do the best we possibly we can for it. This means we also have to find a way forward and make saving the buildings possible by being financially viable and having a future of use. Our intention is to bring Court House Farm and its various aspects alive again and provide what we can for the local and larger community. We believe it is a very special place with a spirit and soul all of its own. 

So what to do? We have so many ideas. The site has already seen several different incarnations and building styles. It began as an early medieval settlement (maybe with monks and probably with dozens of serf huts around the perimeter), then came a grand Tudor home and Court House, and more recently a farm and place of work, as well as a home for many. 

We are currently reviewing the various possibilities for the site and its various buildings. Our intention is to eventually create a 'Garden Hamlet' which retains the lovely green and open feel, as well as allowing homes, work and events to thrive within it. 

We know we are just custodians of this lovely old place, if we look after it now and give it a use, it will be here long after we are gone.