Gardens at Court House Farm

The land at Court House Farm has long been given over primarily to grazing animals and so now presents a blank green canvas. Beneath this, however, lie some 'horrors' such as buried rubble and grassed-over hardstanding. 

Our solution this year is to create a series of flowing, interactive 'annual' gardens filled with interesting fast-maturing plants, including hardy and half hardy annuals, tender climbing plants and a host of good-looking edibles. 

The variety of exciting and, in many instances, experimental schemes provide focus, inspiration and resource for our programme of workshops, as well as backdrop to a calendar of events. The garden will become much more of a feature as we invest this year in planting and designing.

A meadow maze, ribbon planting, wade through annuals, a garden for snipping and another for sipping, a wigwam plantation of climbing plants and a sweetcorn circle are just some of the horticultural experiences to be enjoyed at Court House Farm this year.

Coming soon….Garden events